There are a few good reasons why Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) gets a lot of attention from crypto investors. For one thing, it was the first cryptocurrency. And second, its value has reached meteoric highs, with a gain of more than 300% over the past year. 

Finding the next Bitcoin has become the primary focus for some crypto investors, and for them, I propose that they turn their attention to Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH). There’s no guarantee that Ethereum will reach the same value as Bitcoin, of course, but there are several important reasons why this crypto and its underlying technology could make it just as critical to the crypto space as Bitcoin – if not more so. 

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1. Its value has skyrocketed very quickly

One thing that’s made Ethereum similar to Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency’s rapid rise in value. As of this writing, one Ether coin is worth nearly $4,600, a 900% increase over the 12 months. 

There’s no way to know if Ethereum will ever surpass Bitcoin’s value, but the important thing to remember is that as more investors apply value Ether, the more it becomes a highly established crypto in the mold of Bitcoin. 

And with more than 9,000 cryptocurrencies now available to investors,