Many people are interested in investing and trading in cryptocurrency but have never engaged with financial markets before. This leaves them with multiple questions and concerns.

Should a non-professional player start trading cryptocurrencies now? How firmly have cryptocurrencies settled in our lives? What should we expect in the future? And, of course, what does the future hold for bitcoin, and how far can its price go?

BeInCrypto caught up with Alexander Althausen, CEO of StormGain, one of the most successful crypto platforms in recent times, to find answers to these questions. Althausen has been working in the cryptocurrency market for a long time and has many interesting projects under his belt.

Cryptocurrency sees impressive growth

BeinCrypto (BIC): Alex, is it worth selling bitcoin (BTC) now?

Alexander Althausen (AA): I can’t tell you whether or not you should sell bitcoin now. It all depends on your investment strategy.

Cryptocurrency trading volumes are growing, and, as you know, the crypto market’s capitalization just recently exceeded $2 trillion. Bitcoin’s capitalization is $1.1 trillion, ethereum (ETH) is in second place at $245 billion, and binance coin (BNB) is third at $58 billion. 

With only one in 1,000 people having cryptocurrencies right now, the level of distribution of cryptocurrencies is 0.01%. The cryptocurrency market’s potential for development is huge. Given the current market situation, just imagine a 1,000-fold increase in distribution. 

There are already more than 500 exchange platforms, and their number is growing every day. Coinbase’s trading volume exceeds