In a fast-changing industry, these are seven of the best cryptos to invest in.

There’s always something exciting happening in the cryptocurrencies space. At its core, the crypto field is a place of capital “B” Big ideas. The Bitcoin white paper, circa 2009, explains a peer-to-peer, decentralized, scarce electronic global currency that cuts out print-happy central banks and moral-hazard-ridden financial institutions and middlemen. A dozen years later, the crypto market is worth more than $2 trillion, with thousands of digital currencies and projects to choose from. It’s a lot to sift through, and, unlike stocks, digital currencies don’t lend themselves to fundamental analysis. But not all cryptos are created equal: Here’s a look at seven of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in late 2021, and the bull case for each. Keep in mind, this is a volatile asset class, so invest only with money you can lose.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin’s invention in 2009 changed money forever and opened the door to all sorts of variations on and improvements of its technology. It’s tough to understate the importance of Bitcoin and the underlying concept of the blockchain that accompanied it, but 12 years later, Bitcoin’s first-mover advantage has compounded to put its market capitalization above $1 trillion. As the premier “blue chip” cryptocurrency, BTC is not only tried and true but is still setting new milestones: Tesla Inc.’s (ticker: TSLA) decision to put Bitcoin on its balance sheet and El Salvador’s move to make it a legal tender are two